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colours, flowers and happiness..


Just my kind of house, colours and i’ve always dream i own a living room with such vast of stories, loads of strong colours and an eclectic kind. Very hippy. Im totally not a monotous-coloured type of girl. I dislikes pales on wall, just because. I love to have my living room with lots of pillows, real flowers, furry rugs, soft cushions and cool lounge chair; just like one in this living room..


Ah, such beauty. But i doubt i can carry white throughout a year without stains on them. Too much of a hassle especially when you have a very active young son who’s ready to demolish cleanliness in a short span of time.  

TSI later.

The_september_issuewatching The September Issue with the girls later. we’re catching the early 7pm show @ vv. happy that i’ve got a direct bus home, a bus that i can sleep and listened to my mp3 in. some me time is nice. i normally have me-times at home, when he meets up with his buddies, leaving me all too happy to be alone.

what’s the movie about? i really don’t know. im totally not into fashion type of movies. doesnt really matter actually cause i get to meet up with the girls, which makes up for the movie. it’s been a while since i last saw them. i love gossips and good news. only girls can have all that without the cigarettes smokes in between.

the movie? i’ll probably come back here and update on it. if i don’t fall asleep that is. 🙂


You know this whole Yus episode is really becoming an old news, but it sure didnt feel that long of a fun time ago in my head. I think its because he was this total stranger who’s suddenly interested to hear what i had to say, listened to my corny jokes, answered all my stupid endless questions ever so willingly, and replied to my shortest emails so frequently. He was like my personal Aunt Agony. It didnt matter how he wud have looked like; short, tall, fat,thin. What matterered was that i had a place to turn to.  It was just nice having someone to write to.


Nobody ever knew how important he was to me. He was like my sanity pill. Not so much romantically cause well, we never met. Even if he’d stayed alive, i knew we will still be great friends. I guess i love fairytales. To me, our friendship was like a fairytale. It started as weird as it ended. I remembered i never wanted it to end. But not everyone gets what they wished for all the time, right? A girl can only dream. So had i.

I kept reading this again and again and again. I just cant.. ;'(

Undergrad killed in crash caused by “road-crossing” cows

KUALA TERENGGANU Dec 1 – An undergraduate was killed when the car he was travelling in hit a tree after the vehicle tried to evade several cows which suddenly crossed the road at Km 129, Jalan Kuala Terengganu-Kemaman, Kampung Meraga Beris, Kijal in Kemaman Sunday.

State Traffic Police Chief ASP Abdul Hamid Che Ahmad identified the victim as Yusnizam Yem, 22, of Jalan Cempaka 15, Kuala Ibai here. Yusnizam, a Universiti Malaya (UM) student, suffered severe head injuries and died while being sent to Kijal health clinic, said Abdul Hamid when contacted here Monday.
Yusnizam’s sister, Nor Syareena, 20, was admitted to Kuala Terengganu Hospital (HKT) while another sibling, Yusniza, 24, who drove the car, suffered light cuts. Abdul Hamid said the accident occurred at about 7.10 am when the three siblings were about to return to Kuala Lumpur after spending Hari Raya in Kuala Ibai.

a Good Time ring.

good time ring

By yellowgoat @ etsy

This is a small photo frame you can wear on your fingers, or just simply use it as a photo frame and put it on your desk.

I wud love to get one of this for myself. I will put the kid’s photo in it. Cause i seldom see the kid at home. One ring to remind me of him all the time all day will be just perfect for me. Now i miss the kid so much…

something new, something fresh.

I just hate being stalked, being noticed and being easy to find in the net. I don’t like that kind of exposure. That is why i killed my multiply account and open a new one and this wordpress account. I’d like to be able to express my thoughts, the rainbow spills and the red seas of anger as and when i feel like it.

I want a breathe of fresh space. I want it now.