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looped in my playlist

Eversince i first own one mp3 player, this song has been there to accompany my journey to everywhere i went. 🙂 and i dedicate this to my girls.

what’s looping your mp3 right now?

Colors to spring up my winter II

This is THE dream house. I promise i will be a very very very happy woman if You get me this house. I promise you that i’ll cook often for you, wash for you, clean after you, listen to you, do whatever you want me to do IF you make our house to look like this.

I’ll also promise i will not whine, or complain that you didnt wash the plates, or kick up fuss over things that you consider to be trivial, or nag at you all the time.

From here.

A woman can only dream can’t we? Even if its about something too far-fetched like this.


Friends, fun, love, peace.

Finally, we’re moving on. I have to admit the previous one’s a lil bit jinxed ey? It’s nice to know we’re reaching 30 and i’ve known most of you ever since im 13yrs old. Its a heck long of a time, 15 years to be exact, to not know how each of us operate.

I think we’ve come to this stage in life, where we need companion constantly. Love, and friendship kind of companion. I don’t envy some of our old long lost friends, even if i know they’re happy somewhere out there with their family. Cause i know they lose out on certain something. Best Friends. When they have fights with their spouses and boyfriends, who will they turn to? Nobody.

But we have each other. We do.

We are five different little girls living in this big world. We got lost out there sometimes, while we search the true meaning of life and love. That’s why we need good friends to remind us to keep us grounded and sane.

We think differently, live our lifes differently, brought up by our parents differently and adopt certain values of living differently. We cant all think and have opinions in similar fashion. That’s what makes us unique in each way. We have been in each other’s life for so long, that i would like to think our difference in opinions wouldnt matter. Infact, it should make us see certain points in different angles.

Personally, i treasure each n every one of u girls. I see each one of u as my best friends in different way. One for devilish nights out, the other will keep it safe, one for listening to my crappy nonsense, one for sharing views when it matters.. yet, i need all of u the same way.

Let’s enjoy the remainings of our twenty-ish with great friendship, respect n love and i hope it’ll stay that way in the future.


Now, all being said, let me go drool over some pretty koreans boys. 🙂

Good night loves.

Power couple

Im always in constant search around the net about power couples, couple who hv been married long and couple who stayed together long. I need to know what’s their secrets and how did they do it, stayed together THAT long.

I love Seal and Heidi. They are my idol couple. They give out an aura of love everytime they go on stage together. Seal, is therefore my favourite man of all time. For now.

He was at The Oprah Show back then with Heidi. Their first sit in interview.


And he gave out this line:-

The most important thing is that we put each other first. I always say that it goes in order of priority—it’s my wife first, then the family, then my career,” Seal says. “The most common hiccup is when couples get married … and then they have kids, and it [becomes] all about the kids, which is understandable because they’re miraculous. But you’ve got to put each other first…she will always be number one for me.

and this,

To have a happy life, Seal says there’s only one thing a man needs…a happy wife!

and then, this:-

Seal says his wife is his best friend, first and foremost. “There are certain things that you may take for granted with your spouse, but there are very few things that you really take for granted with your best friend,” he says. “You never really want to let your best friend down. The fundamental thing that you have for your best friend is respect. That’s why I view her first as my best friend…then my wife.

I gave out a silent Wow. He’s the ONE. He’s the kind of man i want in a man. He said out everything i’ve secretly wish my man can have. Why cant a normal man think this way!

But  i hope things are going to be better with me n H. I told him let’s make our relationship light and fun. Not so seriousss. 🙂 Well, we are trying to make it work again. Cause i want it to work out. And im thankful he is trying hard too. For the lil kid. For us. For the future.