Break the chains

We armed ourselves with drinks and donuts, and papers n a spell that day. This entry was a bit too late but nevertheless, a must entry.

and so they wrote their heartfelt feelings on a piece of paper each. and they tore them apart with this spell;

unbind, unwind, i release you from my mind
unbind unwind i break these chains that bind
unbind, unwind rebirth and empower this very hour
unbind, unwind renewed in purity and power

and yes, you both deserve the best.



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4 responses to “Break the chains

  1. Drama Loves Me

    yes yes wishing the ladies to break off from the chains that bounded you ladies! 🙂

    Then you’ll be free!

  2. yes deserve the best!

    ps: why am i so tempted to publicize that fabulous-looking yet extremely informative picture of yours……….

  3. mesinkecik

    DLM – Yeah!

    Unicornpoptarts – Go! Do it!

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