It was one of those days i have that i call luxury; time with the little son, bringing him to the playground, letting him run since he’s bursting with energy, shouting at the top of his little lungs with all his might.. Such days are scarce for me. Normalcy we three are not blessed with all the time.

It rains every time i have a full day off. It bummed me and H so much cause we were planning to have lots of fun since it was the weekend. I pitied the little tornado cause he travels quite a lots, in between houses of the Queen’s and ours and yet, have to be stuck at home watching cartoon @ cartoon networks on tv. But im sure he has lots of fun with us.

So, when the weather was quite permitting last saturday, we brought him to the park. Quite pathetic one but stil, a park.

We have fun whenever we can. We let him run, shout, laughed and jumped!

and even scootered around the neighbourhood with the new toy. Like here. Err, more like H’s having more fun playing with it than the boy. He just well, ran after his dad. : )

Don’t grow up too fast okay lil tornado. Mama still loves to clear the mess u made n your broken toys that are lying around in your room.



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8 responses to “luxury

  1. skippy

    your photos looks great! family time is so important.

  2. Yes. Very important when lil one is still a kid. I want him to grow up with great fun memories wit us. 🙂

  3. Drama Loves Me

    heheheh so fun! i also want can! one of my own! but errr not now i guess… i want a girl! *ok now i’m sad* but yeah i still want one!

    • mesinkecik

      Settle one thing at a time. Dont push so many ideas into ur head when ur heart’s not at the right place. one day insyaAllah. 🙂

    • unicornpoptarts

      kau macam multiple personalities ok. i can totally imagining you saying your comment out loud. ni baru nama ‘mentel’.

  4. Drama Loves Me

    🙂 will do ladies!

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