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The Rebound

So, I got to watch The Rebound over the weekends. Its about relationship between older woman and a younger man, how they meet and fall in love and the decided all this was wrong. I realised, young guys are Hot! Or is it just a typical woman who’s entering her 30’s way of thinking/talking?

Anyway, this movie is fun! It gives a funny feeling of being in a forbidden love, leaves a tingling sensation when some young guys are hot on their heels towards you. *giggles*

Justin is just tooo cute! He’s not Brad Pitt handsome, yet he’s not Michael Cera goofy kinda cute. He’s just nice playing a young 25year out of job boy who falls in love easily. 🙂 He makes you smile.

Catherine Zeta Jones, well, still is gorgeous despite her aging looks. Still rocking that hot body. She said this about young men in general, ”

The 40-year-old actress said: “I know that young men are more unbiased, playful and firmer. There’s no question about that. But they are also more selfish and narcissistic. This is why they never had a chance to go out with me.

“I need a man who is sensitive and caring. Someone who is superior to me and I can lean on. But that doesn’t mean that I fancy old and fat men. ..”

She couldnt have said it better. 🙂

le dernier jour

A french film i really want to watch! Le dernier jour however had mixed reviews from the viewers. Some said it’s confusing, some said this movie deserves an award.. I think that was what made me wants to watch it more. It’s about a gay boy(the extremely handsome and talented Gaspard Ulliel) who’s in love with another man, a girl came into the picture somehow, and a very protective mother who has a very dark secret. Interesting or what?! 🙂

Now, how do i get my hands on this one?

Koizora The Movie

Just finished another Japanese romance film movie adapted from a book, Koizora. A lot like P.S. I Love You, but with a whole lot younger casts and a whole cuter actor and more closer to heart since it’s a teenage love affair that continued till their adolescent age. The basic story line itself is quite a simple one, two young lovers fighting through many hardships to remain together. It’s just tugging my heart this kinda movies where the hero dies, leaving their loved ones hanging on each day alone. 😥 i cried buckets after watching it.

Hiro, died from cancer. He was so much in love with Mika, yet left her cause he didnt want Mika to cry if she finds out. Mika, although saddened by their breakup, moved on and met another nice guy few years after. One day, she founds out Hiro is dying. She decided to stay by Hiro’s side till his death.

After Hiro passed away, Mika founds out he had a diary and in it, all he wrote about is her.

Hiro: Where do humans go after they die?
Mika: Heaven.
Hiro: I want to be the sky. So I always know where you are.
Mika: Like a stalker. .. When I look at the sky, I’ll think of Hiro.
[Hiro smiles]
Mika: Clear skies will mean you are happy. Rain will mean you’re crying. Sunset means you are embarrassed. Night will mean you are gently holding me.

Hiro died the next day.



The movie i really want to watch now!! Emailed encorefilms to consider releasing bandage in Sg! I know! So free! But my A’s the lead actor in this movie., a must watch! Unfortunately, i can only dream. 😦

 Plot: Set in the 1990s, when rock bands were all the rage in Japan. The young main characters work hard to achieve their dreams, but eventually discord surfaces, and find themselves on the brink of dissolving the band. The movie also takes a jab at the dark side of the music industry.

Life’s a gift, Happiness is a right.

I think as days pass thru this Oh-Ten, and age creeping up, i’ve become more naggy, more impatient, more no-nonsense old hag and definitely thinking more motherly-like. Not an excuse for being an asshole but i guessed maybe i ought to grow up and ta-daa, i think i did this year.

Upon reaching 30, i’d say Not bad, i’ve done stupid things, fun things, cool things and definitely shameful/tabooed things. I’d say i’ve lived my life fully. Im not saying it this way thou, “‘Im a champion. I’ve experienced soo many things before man!!”, but, more like “As i’ve been in that position before, … …” kind. Alas, im not that stupid. I know everybody is entitled to their own opinions and face each problems their own way. Therefore, i learnt to give and share and leave it to others to interprete it. Im learnt to leave it at that.

Sometimes i sigh, sometimes i laugh, sometimes i get annoyed, sometimes i get surprised. Life’s like that. Sometimes, and what ifs. I learn as i live each day. I learn to breathe happiness everyday and not let minor problems affect it. But i also learn that i am my own master of happiness, and unfortunately, also my own master of sadness, problems and fate. When i was a lot younger, i often whine to myself why didnt things go my way. I cried a lot to myself, cause fate wasn’t good to me.

When i had to make a decision to leave someone so i can be a lot happier with that other someone, i didnt ask for anybody’s opinions. I remembered i have noone to ask, share and dissect my problem. Cause i thought nobody would understand perfectly what i was going through. I decided to go through with it. I went through the worst days of my life trying to make a big decision that would change my future. I went through all of that ALL ALONE. Im not beat up about it. Im not whining about it. Im not crying out loud now thinking about it. Im not petty. But i wished i shared the problems. Always, 2 heads are better than one and few more heads wouldnt hurt. Im a welcomer of opinions and i’ve never push away advises, grouses and frank talks.

Having making that decision and to standby it, was very difficult. I had to face my father, my mother, him and his angry friends, his family all on my own. So many thoughts came to my mind. I was living in shame. What would my parents think, what would my uncles n aunties think, what would my cousins think. What made it more difficult was that he did nothing wrong. He was faithful, he treated me like a queen, he was all nice. I had to choose. The new man, who’s all nice, or the long-time boyfriend/fiance who’s always been nice. I knew i had to choose. One with a future i more or less had accustomed to and probably knew how it would be, or the one whose future im not familiar with. I chose the one whose future im not familiar with. I just had to. I know if i stay, my future will probably end up how i visioned it will be. I don’t want any of that.

Now fast-forward 5years, im glad i make that decision. Of course, there are days where in anger, i regret making that decision. But more often than not, i was whole-heartedly glad. I glad i made that move to want out. Im glad i meet this man and im glad that although our married life is often a hell-ride of a rollercoaster, i stayed anyways cause i know he’s the one. I married THE ONE. No regrets even when i know he’s damn annoying fucker.

So, when there are days i moaned and getting all arsed by him, i always make myself rewind back to 5years back and remembered all the reasons i chose him. People always say to themselves, “I know it’s not going to be easy.” but do they understand what it means, how it’ll feel and how hard it’s gonna get? I try to teach myself to live with no regrets. Living with no regrets, are my main drive in life.

That’s what i want to share with the others. Live your life with no regrets. Life is afterall a gift. but happiness, is a right. You have the right. Therefore, You own the right.