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Switchfoot – Only Hope

I felt in love with this song after i watched A Walk To Remember for the umpteenth times. Love Jon’s version of this song cause of his voice….

“Love is never boastful nor conceited.
It is never rude or selfish.
It does not take offense and is not resentful.
Love takes no pleasure in other peoples sins but delights in the truth. It always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes.”


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when it ends..

I’d never know i can learn so much from a person in a day. Sometimes my mind just lagged and when it hits me, i realised i’ve been had for soo long yet i didnt noticed it.


I think i am a simple-minded person. I TRY not to judge people cause i know how it is to be judged as someone by someone else when you’re not that someone at all. The feelings suck. And it will hurt me.

But she has limits. She also knows how to feel hurt. She also knows how it feels to be shamed. She is definitely not stupid.


She has her own problems too you know. sigh.

She can sigh, She can cry, She also can laugh. But yes, She has limits because She is only human.

so She has decided, THAT will end. To protect her own inner feelings. To protect her self-being. To protect her sanity.

She learns when she loves someone, she’ll go all out for that person. But when she doesn’t, well… she wont.

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I am so tired cleaning up after your mess.

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