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I qoute: On Feeling Like The Least Favourite Child

Feeling like the least favourite child


Publication: The Straits Times 10/08/2008

Three writers share their hopes for Singapore this National Day

As a Malay, I’ve always been told that I have to work twice as hard to prove my worth. When I was younger, I always thought of myself as the quintessential Singaporean.

Of my four late grandparents, two were Malay, one was Chinese and one was Indian. This, I concluded, makes me a mix of all the main races in the country. But I later realised that it was not what goes into my blood that matters, but what my identity card says under “Race”.

Because my paternal grandfather was of Bugis origin, my IC says I’m Malay. I speak the language at home, learnt it in school, eat the food and practise the culture. And because of my being Malay, I’ve always felt like a lesser Singaporean than those from other racial groups.

I grew up clueless about the concept of national service because my father was never enlisted.

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I qoute:Probably the best ST Forum letter I’ve ever read.

For those who missed this article in the ST.
Thursday, April 08, 2010
Probably the best ST Forum letter I’ve ever read
“I never guess. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Diary of a reformed elitist

I AM as Rafflesian/Raffles Girls’ School (RGS)/’elite’ as they come. My father was a Raffles Institution boy; I went through Raffles Girls’ Primary School (RGPS), RGS, then Raffles Junior College , then on to the National University of Singapore, boarding at Raffles Hall.

My sisters went through much the same route. My little girls are in RGPS.

I recognise the syndrome Ms Sandra Leong talks about (‘Scoring high in grades but not in values’, last Saturday). I live it, breathe it. Most of my friends are like me, graduates. Most of us live in landed property, condominiums or minimally, executive condos or five-room flats. None of us talks about making ends meet, or how we must turn down medical treatment for our aged parents because we cannot find the money.

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Dlm asked y havent i been updating my blog.

I’ve been so lazy.. No, Im not pregnant (:( ) just yet. But i feel so tired. It’s been so long that i go out n have fun. I’ve not been out of the house n go enjoy myself. Instead, im all cooped up in the house, or at work, or at mum’s. If i have on off days during the weekends, it’ll be to spend that days with the kiddo, whom i spend so little time with. Married with kids(that include H). That’s what i am.