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Jack be nimble.

VV Brown again. She’s soo damn talented! Got me hooked to her chorus here.

Then, go here. Check out her acoustic version. Pure, pure talent. So raw. I love, i share ok.


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Keep it in the family!

♥ in the air, via Oh, they’re local! 🙂

OH! I am in love with this 3 Strand Bead & Pearl Necklace! via LOFT


Don’t you just wish that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?

I bet we can really use a wish right now.


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Family Portrait

It’s betul-betul susah to capture the perfect family shot, especially LilT is at this age who simply doesn’t understand the sentences like KEEP STILL or DON’T MOVE.

These are almost perfect. Good enough. Both photos are the most decent ones i can find. What’s worse, they were taken in one day. One day 2 decent photos for a family portrait. Can’t believe we’ll turn 5 this september and we can only churn out 2 nice photos.  *Ashamed*.

LilT’s hair, OMG. Mati-mati nak rambut style ‘Transfomers’! That’s what he calls it nowadays. Kalau tak kasi nanti mengamuklah, merajuklah or worse, he’ll drag the whole issue for the whole day. Tak sanggup aku. See lah the face. Don’t wanna smile. It’s such a pain to get this boy pose well/decent for a photo.


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The little boy

This little 3yr old boy is quite the handful! He’s soo stubborn headed n i know where he got irritating character from; the husband..

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Fashi.on by Lola.

Material Girl Collection blog , by Lola Lourdes.

So, yes. Say no more to Gladiator sandals cause Lola said so. Heee.

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kahwin affair.

My cousin got married last mth. It was a pink and black affair and i loved the fact that all of my cousins were so into getting all of us colour coordinated. Even the guys.

Pengantin’s room all dolled up = Loved it! Gubahan rindu puisi syahdu = all done by hers truly. Right up to the smallest details around the velvet alas, also cut up wavy style by her. She’s ANAL on details. Seriously.

Pelamin = done by her friends n herself. Sofa-bed, lamps, lampu ‘lap-lip’ cushions = Ikea. Backdrops cloth = $1+ per metre bought at arab st. That big pink cushion laced up in black lace for pengantin lelaki to sit on = sewn by my makcik. Cheap velvet cloth. Pure Win!

Hati mcm nak pecah tunggu bakal suami lafaz akad nikah = Priceless moment. Will be back with more beautiful photos of her once i upload the rest.

Subject of envy of, me. Bloody toot. Who the hell gives a coach shade’s punya ape tuh.. on a dulang, beside an LV clutch? She lor.

I am so happy for her. 🙂 Love her to bits this married little cousin of mine.


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Omg. Im unstoppable with this korean band thingy! Lol.. sorry girls.

but I am super duper in love with korean/japanese guys!

How not to? With these boys looking so adorable like this;-

and this guys…!


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