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Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul (경복궁)

Gyeongbokgung Palace was one of our must-go-see destination while in Korea. Making a trip to one of Korea’s Five Grand Palaces built by the Joseon Dynasty in was one of my dreams haha. You know, since it’s arguably the most beautiful and remains the grandest of all five palaces.
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What we first noticed as we entered Gyeongbokgung was how well-reserved the palace is. The palace is well-kept and clean.. Too cleaned up we thought that we went around looking for cracks and whatnots. As we moved on in further, we found out it was rebuild to its original form in the early 20th century after many parts of it were destroyed by the Empire of Japan. Ahh …that explains why the palace was too perfect even though it was built in the late 14th century. But needless to say, the achitectural was captivating and colourful.
                    Untitled by secretaffairs Untitled by secretaffairs
                    Untitled by secretaffairs Untitled by secretaffairs
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Port of Lost Wonder, Sentosa

Eversince the march holiday started, I’ve been cracking my brains on how to entertain this active kid. (Actually, my main intention is to give nyayi a break). Kak Aida mentioned POLW and a picnic, well, I thought, why not. Kid needs his run and swim with his cousins, mak need to breathe fresh air and neneks need to ‘gossip’. Hehe.
imageimageand since it has free entry charges for parents and adults, really, why not! 🙂
POLW has prepared many activities for the kids to enjoy. There are 20mins of foam party, parrot shows where kids can interact with birds, storytelling in action and many more. Mak only need to relax, chill, order food and have it sent to your space. So fun!

The Garden of Morning Calm, (아침고요수목원) South Korea

The first of the first things I did while researching for the trip up East was to find out places, parks or mountains we could hike up to. It is something we decided to do for our every trips. To escape town for a day or two he say. A-okay..
I somehow stumbled upon this garden as I was searching for ‘off-the beaten tracks’ places we could go to in Seoul. The pictures that came up were superbly amazing. The garden/mountain is just the place we like to go. Just like this one below;
afternoon_calmphoto courtesy of
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Kid and me

It’s the school holidays already, yet my guilt towards him deepens each day eversince we left him for our Korea holiday. We left him for 8 full days. To make up for being away for so long, I decided to spent time with kid. Just you and me baby..
image image
We watched The Croods and we laughed so hard. So many lessons I can use on H. listen to parents, don’t wander out alone, if you do, I’ll spank you, bad things happen to kids if they don’t listen to elders…etc
image image
Off to the library next.. I think it’s been awhile since I last stepped into one. Probably last when H was still a baby. High time I do a library card isn’t it.