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Breaking. Bad.

One of the taboo in a marriage life is to ask, “Who is more important to you? The kid, or me?” It’s one of those questions that can have many different ways of answering, yet all will not end well.

This article discussed just that. I’m not too sure how to make of the article. Do I agree, or not? The author wrote this one, which I’m inclined to agree with him on this,

‘The child seemed to have taken over our lives, and, more painfully for me, taken away the woman I loved. I resented this howling little creature who left my wife exhausted, and me side-lined’

Not sure how H thinks, but this subject has been brought up before, ever so slightly. But we agree, with LT is taking over our live completely, we have been sneakily trying to find time to have a date night out. We are one of those lucky few who have understanding parents who can babysit LT.
But yeah, read on. Discuss with the spouse, Who gets thrown out of that hot air balloon when time comes to save lives, you or the kids.

Country music star Keith Urban recently spoke to the Australian Women’s Weekly about the love he has for his wife Nicole Kidman and their kids.

We’re very, very tight as a family unit and the children are our life, but I know the order of my love. It’s my wife and then my daughters. I just think it’s really important for the kids. There are too many parents who start to lose the plot a little and start to give all their love to the kids, and then the partner starts to go without. And then everybody loses. As a kid, all I needed to know was that my parents were solid.

Pure love. But yes, it came with a public outcry after the magazine came out. It was something seldom said. Something that seemed almost taboo. Imagine saying that you love your partner more than you love your child? Even if it’s true. And why do we as a society find that so hard to hear?

Now, question is.. do I love LT more than H?

Mayhem in Marrakesh, Morocco

I would love to visit Marrakesh one day InsyaAllah. For now, i read this. Am falling in love with the photos, but not the crays…sounds scary.. :/

A Word in Your Ear


It was 11.00pm when we arrived at the Riad (hostel).  We expected a warm welcome but instead confused faces presented themselves to us when the door finally opened.  Dirty, tired and hungry after a long flight and an even longer wait to get through passport control (nearly an hour), followed by a frantic search for our luggage which had been tossed off the carouse when it shut down, I was desperate for a shower and some sleep.  I showed them the print out of our booking but they couldn’t find notification from the booking site.   After some discussion the owners told us that it wasn’t a problem as they had a room, which they prepared, and we finally crashed at 3.00am Spanish time (12.30 Morrocan time).  When the  owner finally tracked down the booking  it had been made for October and not September.  It appears that using a Spanish booking…

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