Monthly Archives: January 2016

“But that’s the charm right.. he is not your regular hero..

He doesn’t need to be a black or a white..because none of us are..

People can lie but even us in our real lives do that.. all of us must have been mean to someone, made fun of someone, participated in a malicious gossip at some time, really hated someone, must have tried to extract or thought of extracting revenge on someone…

So that’s that.. here is a personality type (..).. and we have an interesting universe of two relatively refreshing personalities..

As far as love goes.. for some weird reason.. you can have the most perfect guy around you..but you can end up falling for the most imperfect guy.. NOT sure if love is that chemical and biological (in theory yes.. but is that exactly how it realizes itself)… else a boy and a girl who are very very very good friends… will always go down the romance trajectory” – e.z