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John Legend

Some days, i go switching off and i tend to just turn on a good music to just waste the day with. This, is that perfect song.
How can I not swoon with John Legend. He is afterall the Great John Legend.
Dear John, I love you deeply.

Port of Lost Wonder, Sentosa

Eversince the march holiday started, I’ve been cracking my brains on how to entertain this active kid. (Actually, my main intention is to give nyayi a break). Kak Aida mentioned POLW and a picnic, well, I thought, why not. Kid needs his run and swim with his cousins, mak need to breathe fresh air and neneks need to ‘gossip’. Hehe.
imageimageand since it has free entry charges for parents and adults, really, why not! 🙂
POLW has prepared many activities for the kids to enjoy. There are 20mins of foam party, parrot shows where kids can interact with birds, storytelling in action and many more. Mak only need to relax, chill, order food and have it sent to your space. So fun!


I was looking out for a nice guesthouse to stay over in Seoul, and guess what did I found??
BIG BANG Guesthouse!! No joke!
photo courtesy of Zarina Jani
Cool kan! But of course its not owned by the real Big Bang, but the name of this guesthouse certainly made me think about staying here for the stay. Alas, the rooms were fully booked on our dates. So, takpe. next time I SHALL stay here just for the sake of Big Bang. Hah! 🙂
For details, go here.

Wear momok.

Buying n looking for winterwear for the boys were so much fun! They tried on so many coats n jackets but still can’t find anything to buy. The boys weren’t being serious about looking for one though..

They just love wasting time.Tsk.


Domo Arigato!KongSimi??



ps: had to reedit these photos cause H’s face scare the hell outa me when i visit this blog. :/

Bright sunny day.

H decided to do something(finally) during the long hols. We both are great planners but even greater procrastinator. Blaming the weather lah, blaming the time lah, blaming me lah(for having to work the next day!). But we did get out of the house this time. After ‘thousand days’ of planning.

Cycling @ East Coast; was a feat. Is a feat. Sore thumb lah, sore betis lah, sore this lah sore that. Over you!

Liltornado smiled cause he didnt have to cycle one end of EC to the other! Muka happy je! MakBapak dia yang penat kayuh! He enjoyed the view, sipping water, cui girls, dogs, aunties watever..

Dark clouds appeared once in a while but it didnt rain.We snapped some good sun, had a great time playing the sand with the liltornado, who went barefoot most of the times and made the little one very happy, i hope. 🙂

I think H planned this outing because (i personally think) it has always been his dream to bring his kid for a cycling outing like this. H’s been talking about planning this outing ever since Liltornado was a baby. He was genuinely happy and having fun with the little one at the back, like this photo i took while the sun was setting.

And it has always been my personal dream since young to see this very picture one of my husband and kid, if i ever had a kid one day. 🙂 Alhamdullilah for good days such as these and for the  better ones ahead.