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Met up the girls that day. I actually wore something ordinary,but with converse. Oh im in love with my converse so much! 🙂

First up was N.O.A. She’s had preens on!! Cool ke aper sia! I didnt know what are u conscious about. You looked great(as per normal) Is that a skirt or a dress NOA? She tops it up with black stockings with black sequinned flats. Bravo bravo. Keep up the good work .. kwa! 😛

Im so in love with M’s style. She always never has to try hard but she always get it right. I think she’s so lucky to have a proportionate figure.She wore a simple dress which costs so cheap yet still looks good, with a pretty navy jacket over it.

I love the bag we got her!! That is so M! 🙂 I love it that she doesnt have to show too much skin yet still she’s got that style. Tsk. Envy can?

I had a dress from CottonOn on with a cardigan over it. Had my black skinny jeans folded up. I wore a simple dirty-green belt to somehow match the sneakers. I didnt know where im going with this look but I felt comfortable in them.

Most importantly, we all feel good. Right girls? 🙂

not a big deal… but.

I was a wee bit brave (Im a boring person fashion-wise normally) last Wednesday. Not that i looked cool, but i felt good wearing my converse sneakers with the leggings with that dress I’d usually wear with my boring old jeans.

so much so that I asked H to take a photo of me that day. >.<  Had to crop my face cause im shy like that. The other girls are better dresser than i am so i thought why not i try and be brave like them. I didn’t know how to hide my big calf, so i tried so hard not think about whether there’ll b people who will stare at them in the mrt.  So conscious! That’s why i always go with jeans. Easy and safe.

I was quite happy when H was able to pick me up from work since he finished work early. That meant i need not take the train and kept on thinking about my huge calf! 🙂 But it threatened to rain soon after we reached East Coast Park so we went home after our ‘mini’ date.

So that’s the end of my short-lived fashion trial.

(Not a big deal of an entry but i wore leggings outside my comfort zone lei! That ought to deserve a whole post! Cause I’D NEVER WORE LEGGINGS OUTSIDE MY HOME EVER. -_-‘)