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Mayhem in Marrakesh, Morocco

I would love to visit Marrakesh one day InsyaAllah. For now, i read this. Am falling in love with the photos, but not the crays…sounds scary.. :/

A Word in Your Ear


It was 11.00pm when we arrived at the Riad (hostel).  We expected a warm welcome but instead confused faces presented themselves to us when the door finally opened.  Dirty, tired and hungry after a long flight and an even longer wait to get through passport control (nearly an hour), followed by a frantic search for our luggage which had been tossed off the carouse when it shut down, I was desperate for a shower and some sleep.  I showed them the print out of our booking but they couldn’t find notification from the booking site.   After some discussion the owners told us that it wasn’t a problem as they had a room, which they prepared, and we finally crashed at 3.00am Spanish time (12.30 Morrocan time).  When the  owner finally tracked down the booking  it had been made for October and not September.  It appears that using a Spanish booking…

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